A Commitment to children, Families, Libraries, Schools, Corporates, and charities

To Raise Awareness of the Environmental Agenda and to Encourage Participation in Effective Conservation

Gelos Publications Conservation Partnership

Gelos Publications is proud to announce the new Gelos Publications Conservation Partnership – an opportunity for corporations, not-for-profit organizations, charities, schools and libraries, together with anyone for whom the environmental agenda is a real passion, to work together with Gelos in furthering the conservation agenda. Our conservation focus, as the basis of our Partnership, follows the success of the most recent book in the Rhyme, Laugh and Learn™ Series from Gelos Publications – A Conservation Tale: Your Planet Needs You.

A Peek Inside the Book

Bottle Pickup Conservation

Set on a Dickensian-style journey through time, the reader travels with Pongo the Orangutan into the future to see what CAN happen if we don’t care for the earth. We then take the return journey back so Pongo can show us how simple, every day changes can make a real difference to our environment. 

This captivating story, complete with engaging questions and activities, reinforces the importance of conservation to children, families, and educators alike.

Take a look at the great feedback we have received, as Gelos Publications places the conservation agenda at the heart of its future direction. 

Save Water Conservation

The Gelos Conservation Partnership Can Work for You

Why not use the story of Pongo to educate your customers, members, employees, visitors, followers and so on about conservation and climate change. We all need to be involved. See how the Gelos Publications Conservation Partnership can come to life for you. Find out more by following the links below to each of these communities to learn how the partnership can work for you.

Additional Books by Gelos Publications

The award-winning Rhyme, Laugh & Learn™ Series, of which Pongo’s adventure is the most recent story, is written entirely in verse. The vivid, captivating illustrations, alongside the quirky rhyming words, aims to drive the imagination and allow the children to visualize themselves within the story. With five Mom’s Choice Gold awards, strong endorsements from educators, parents, and school librarians, all books in the series have demonstrable wide-ranging appeal. Be sure to take a look at the other books in the series.

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