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Are you a passionate supporter of environmental issues? Do you actively contribute time, money and resources into charities and not-for-profit organizations, including your own foundations, looking to conserve the resources that we have on the earth while building a sustainable future for our families and friends? Maybe your passion is around cleaning our oceans or helping to protect endangered species before it’s too late?


Whatever motivates you in this arena, consider having your name personally associated with the adventures of Pongo the Orangutan in our most recent book – “A Conservation Tale: Your Planet Needs You” – especially if the battle to save our planet resonates profoundly with your own values and passions.

Your name would be visible as a major supporter of the conservation agenda in schools, libraries and to educators, children and their parents as a result.

Even better we would love to have a short, written endorsement of the book on its cover and in its promotional materials – bringing home your message of support to all your followers on social media who also share your passion for the environment.

In return for your endorsement, Gelos Publications will provide you with a limited print run with your endorsement included, to allow you to share your environmental values more broadly with your chosen recipients. You might actually want to purchase a larger volume at a discounted price to expand the distribution of the book containing your supportive commentary.

Make Pongo Your Partner

And a few other ideas! You might make the story of Pongo part of your environmental literacy agenda in schools and libraries. You might consider adding your own charitable organization’s details to the pages of the book – you might have an image of Pongo on your own website, publications or gifts? Or even commission your very own story book for a new, exciting adventure for Pongo that deals specifically with your own area of conservation?

Please feel free to contact Gelos Publications for a discussion about what we could do for you. We would be delighted to send you a copy of the book for all such inquiries.

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Let’s create something extraordinary together for our children and our environment.

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