With corporations increasingly under the spotlight to demonstrate their environmental and social credentials to their consumers, suppliers, stockholders and all other stakeholders, the opportunity to enhance their reputation by alignment to the conservation agenda has not been lost. Consider the following questions:

  • Are you a large corporation looking for innovative ways of supporting your chosen charitable conservation partners?
  • Are you trying to find new ways to raise your profile on the environmental agenda that will make you more attractive to prospective customers?
  • Do you want to bring your corporate identity to the front of mind in educating the children and families of your customers, suppliers and your staff?

This is where a partnership with Gelos Publications can contribute and bring real value to your business through a direct connection to the wider environmental and social agenda. Consider some of the ideas below.


Gift copies of A Conservation Tale: Your Planet Needs You to a literary campaign or to local schools, libraries and families of your staff, customers, and suppliers.

Consider making Pongo and his story an integral part of your conservation strategy. Place your corporate logo on the front cover, write an introduction to the book or just simply give it as is. A Conservation Tale can become part of YOUR company story too. Perhaps contribute the story to a school’s literary campaign or take your branded copies of the book to educators in your area and provide them to your staff and your customers to take home to their families. Perhaps offer the book as a prize to those exploring your web pages on the sustainability agenda. And play your part too by having the book printed on recycled paper through one of our retained printers.

Use the image of Pongo and A Conservation Tale on your goods and gifts

Inquire about licensing the image of Pongo the Orangutan on your own corporate gifts – re-usable or recycled coffee cups, water bottles, stationery and so on – or maybe in publications or your other literature. These could be set alongside your own name and logo.

ongo Says Your Planet Needs You
Take Pongo on a new adventure

No matter how long or short, why not commission Gelos Publications to write a new adventure for Pongo that fits with your business objectives, industry goals, product range or which aligns with your chosen charitable partner. Take a look at all the Gold Star books in the Rhyme, Laugh and Learn™ Series for an idea of the style and format that your own book might take. Or even go a step further – why not commission a story in a totally different format from Gelos?

Share the adventures of Pongo with your charitable partners

Do your employees choose a charity for your corporation to actively support and work with? Does this charity have conservation-based objectives? If so, could Pongo be used to bring home the environmental message of your charitable partner? You might even want Pongo to have a different adventure altogether aligned to their core objectives?

Can any of these or other ideas make a difference to the environmental or social focus of your corporation? Please free to contact Gelos Publications for a discussion about what we could do for you. We would be delighted to send you a copy of the book for all such enquiries.

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