With a clever nod to Charles Dickens’ Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come plus Uncle Sam’s call to action, A Conservation Tale: Your Planet Needs You is a great opportunity for libraries to supplement their growing volume of literature on the topics of conservation, protection of animal and ocean habitats, sustainability etc. This book, in particular, gives parents, children, and educators a real focal point to discuss what part they can each play in looking after our environment.

With the trademark rhyming pattern of the series, A Conservation Tale: Your Planet Needs You takes us forward in time to a vision of a scorched, dry, lifeless earth where the gods of the sky, the seas and the earth are searching desperately for a means to save the planet. But is it too late? When an old man passes by, they summon all their powers to send him back to the current day to warn adults and children alike through all means, including social media, about what they need to do in their daily lives so that collectively they can stop the devastation.

Supplements to the Message

And to supplement the messages within the book, there are pages of activities, including coloring pages and wordsearch puzzles, to bring this call to action to life – planting trees, picking up litter, turning off lights, recycling plastic bottles and so on. All great topics for attracting kids to classroom activities and regular library-based activity sessions.

And don’t just take our word for it! When a library in New Zealand read “Jimmy and Jane and the Tale of the Yellow Moon” to a class, (another book in the Rhyme, Laugh and Learn™ Series)they used the theme of colors to create raised paintings using salt and dye and watched how they morphed into an amazing array of colours and patterns.

Public Libraries

If you are a public library, why not have a special display table of books showcasing the environmental theme – especially when this is a hot topic within families, communities, and businesses and within both the media and political arenas. Don’t wait for Earth Day or Arbor Day, what about doing this throughout the year?

School Libraries

School libraries highlight books that bring a greater understanding of topics and issues to children. They alert teachers to the new titles that can be brought into the classroom for projects to extend the learning beyond the pages of the book. A Conservation Tale offers students a thought-provoking story plus activity pages that lead to even more areas that an individual or classroom can engage with.

Tight Budgets

Budgets are often tight for all libraries.  Corporations, small businesses, and community leadership often provide dollars for books for educational opportunities. What is available in your community? How can we help to create this partnership?

The Rhyme, Laugh & Learn™ Series

A Conservation Tale: Your Planet Needs You is part of Gelos Publications’ Rhyme, Laugh and Learn™ Series that offers schoolchildren of ages 4-8 a journey of fun and laughter through creative rhyme and vibrant illustrations. The memorable language and whimsical images provide a truly entertaining way to learn, gently absorbing some basic life lessons – work hard to succeed, be comfortable with who you are, learn about mixing primary colors or using other languages – and take care of the environment you live in. Take a look at all the books in the series.

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