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A Conservation Tale - Your Planet Needs You! Book Cover

A Conservation Tale

A Conservation Tale is listed as Book 3 of 5 in the Rhyme, Laugh and Learn™ Series.” With the trademark rhyming pattern of the series, the story is a good opportunity for children, families, and educators to discuss what part we all can play in taking care of our environment. Homeschool Book Review – 5 STARS. Check out the full review.

A delightful tale to encourage young ones to think about their role in caring for our environment.”

What better way to reach children then to empower them in practical ways to make a difference in their world! The title says it all, A Conservation Tale, Your Planet Needs You! This multifaceted book engages children through rhyming prose, intriguing characters, and graphic examples of how to misuse or take care of our precious earth. The journey starts with Pongo the Orangutan who invites a young boy to take a journey into the future and back again. Interesting Greek gods teach him how to take better care of the earth by reusing, recycling, and renewing. It’s a timely message that gives children practical, doable ideas of how they can help make our planet healthy and keep it that way.

Juan Castell and Aunt Sofies's Giant Book of Please, Thank You, Welcome

Book 4 in Gelos Publications’ Mom’s Choice Award winning Rhyme, Laugh & Learn™ Series is great not only to encourage children to be polite to others but also to introduce them to how people say ‘Thank you’ in other cultures such as Spain, India, France, and China. In the back are two pages of further learning activities, one with a language dictionary of common greeting words, and the other with map questions.

Ian Sadler’s rich text is brought to life by Adrienne’s vivid illustrations. The story has a natural message about being polite, welcoming people and helping others – even when they come from far, far away and don’t look exactly like us. An important lesson for all. This one is a winner as it provides a ‘first language dictionary for the young ones.

Jimmy & Jane and the Tale of the Yellow Moon

I was volunteering in my son’s classroom yesterday and I had the opportunity to read this story to them. They absolutely loved it. They sat around my chair, moving closer and closer with each page. It sparked excited conversation as they explored what happened when the Lunatrons mixed their food colors. What color did the moon turn when they added Red or Blue foods to their diets?” On the 1-5 Stars rating scale, the kids gave the story a rating between 5 and 1000 stars. They really enjoyed the book.

This delicious world will delight children and adults alike. Lunatrons, haven’t we always suspected they were there? The story has a natural message about helping others – even when they come from far, far away and don’t look exactly like us. An important lesson for all. This one’s a winner!

Pennydale Zoo and the Great Talent Contest

In this charming picture book, a timid mouse wins the day by using determination and hard work to overcome his fear of performing in public. The lesson, about the value of working toward a desired goal, has a clear subtext of healthy empowerment. The author nicely realizes the humorous mishaps and ebullient finale with colorful, fine-lined illustrations. A gentle, comic treat with a subtle lesson about building character.

The talent contest at the zoo it such a fun story! It is totally in verse and fun to read. It is one of my daughter’s favorites. The illustrations are great!

Normal Nina and the Magic Box

I had a chance to review this cute little book, written for early elementary students, with a lilting verse that makes the book fun to read and listen to, and a powerful message about wanting to be someone else. She finds a magic box and is granted three wishes - and finds out that what she wishes for doesn't always work out how she hopes.

The book is delightfully illustrated; the writing is fast paced and keep the kids engaged.

Clever, lovely in its intent, and eye-catching in its illustrations, this is a book I would gladly share with young readers. I can see it have a variety of places in reading instruction, as well as in character education. A fine, finished product.

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